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At GCS we offer a Christ-centered competitive athletic program that develops Christian character, leadership, and a commitment to excellence.  GCS gives our students the ability to play and grow in a variety of sports, with 8 teams in 7 different Allegheny Christian Athletic Association sporting programs. Our athletes love being on a team, working together with their teammates, and competing for a common goal.  The size of GCS gives students the ability to excel in their primary sport and provides them an opportunity to move to the next level. Our students also have the option to try a new sport in a different season, maybe even one that they have never played before! 


What separates GCS from other schools is that we have coaches who mentor athletes and set a Godly example on and off the field. The coaches genuinely want the best for their players, and work to cultivate a special community in which athletes feel valued and inspired.

Athletic Departments