We are very proud of our students’ academics successes and acceptances to competitive colleges and universities each year. 


The classroom ratio is one that allows a caring and personal relationship with every student. Class projects, programs, and trips are an integral part of the overall education which is partnered with the teachings of Christ in an atmosphere that enhances the educational experience.


Great Commission School is a private Christian school that provides a strong academic K-12 program from a Christian perspective while giving our students opportunities to grow in leadership, athletics, and fine arts.


The Great Commission Schools' staff believes that its primary purpose is to educate each student to the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate Christian-based curriculum in a safe, healthy environment.


Great Commission athletics helps students to develop skills for  lifetime success. Students learn how to cooperate with their peers, build camaraderie, and respond to achievement and disappointment, pressure and expectation.


The primary purpose of our school ministry is to make a difference in the lives of young people, leading them closer to Christ and providing them with the essential tools necessary to live a successful, productive Christian life.

student life

Whether competing on the athletic field, acting on the stage, or building community at a social event, we aim to create an environment where our students can use their many talents for the glory of God

Teaching at GCS has never felt like a job; it's felt like a missions opportunity.  I am the one who is blessed day in and day out by the students, families, faculty, and board.  Where else can you go and hear the word of God, see the work of God in the lives of young ones and share your love for the Lord with others, all while providing a biblical based education to others?  

—  Kim Kennedy, Teacher & Parent