GCS is "One Big Family!"

“GCS is like one big family” is a catchphrase heard time and time again. The close-knit Christian family environment and size of our school enables our teachers and students to know each other by name. Our staff, students, and parents work closely together to create a supportive, encouraging community brought together by a love of learning and core Christian values and beliefs.


The GCS vision is to see students excel in serving God and others. Our teachers are deeply invested in our students because it is not a job for them—it is a ministry. They concern themselves with both the academic as well as spiritual aspects of each child. Our staff is committed to providing academic opportunities that are both rigorous and relevant to help each student explore their passions and achieve their dreams. GCS staff members love what they do, love God, and love our students.


There’s a special warmth about GCS that is very genuine from the moment you enter our doors…a sense that this is a school with a big heart. This is who GCS is. A small Christian school with a huge heart. We truly are one big family. This is what makes GCS different. Come visit us and experience the GCS difference.



Great Commission Schools provideds  the highest possible level of academic achievement by providing an appropriate Christian-based curriculum in a safe, healthy environment.



The primary purpose of our school ministry is to make a difference in the lives of young people, leading them closer to Christ and providing them with the essential tools necessary to live a successful, productive Christian life.



Great Commission athletics helps students to develop skills for  lifetime success. Students learn how to cooperate with their peers, build camaraderie, and respond to achievement and disappointment, pressure and expectation.