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Hello! I’m Emily Deemer. I have been a school counselor with the IU8 since 2008. I received my undergraduate degree from Dickinson College, and a master’s in school counseling from Penn State. I love to bake and spend time with my black lab.

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About School Counseling

School Counselors are highly educated, professionally certified individuals who help students succeed in school and plan their career. An integral part of the total education system, school counselors help students form healthy goals, mindsets, and behaviors. With the aid of a school counselor, students learn to develop effective collaboration and cooperation skills, to practice perseverance, to develop time management and study skill, and to learn self-motivation and self-direction habits.

I provide a comprehensive, developmental program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students, grades K-12. The program and skills are based on the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) National Model Student Standards.


I teach guidance class covering a wide range of topics such as: developing self-regulation skills, managing conflict, coping with challenges in positive ways, and understanding careers, among many others! Elementary level classes are once a week, middle school is bi-weekly, and high school meets once a month.

I am also able to provide academic and behavioral screening if you have questions or concerns about your student working to their potential. I work closely with teachers and administration to support all students to do their best in school!

Yearly Planning Guides

A lot happens over the course of your high school life. Check out these planning guides to help you stay on track each year!

  • 9th Grade

  • 10th Grade

  • 11th grade

  • 12th Grade

Yearly Planing Guides_SC

Career Exploration and Planning

Use these links to take career assessments and research careers. The more you know about yourself (likes, dislikes, interests, skills, and passions), career choices, and post-secondary education, the more you’ll be able to make informed choices about your future!

PA Career Zone

  • Free resource to learn about yourself, employment options, education and training. Lots of assessments and inventories, and compare different career options. Create a free account to save your work!

My Next Move

  • Free resource to explore different career options, growth outlooks, salaries, education and training. Well-organized and easy to use.


  • Free resource – the nation's primary source of occupational information - containing hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors on almost 1,000 occupations covering the entire U.S. economy. Connected to My Next Move

Education Planner:  

  • Free self-assessments and general information

Big Future/CollegeBoard:

  • Comprehensive college and career information. Understand what types of education and college majors lead to different careers. Watch videos, explore different colleges.

Military Careers:

ASVAB: Career Exploration and Aptitude tests: great for anyone, and specifically useful for interest in the military. No information shared with military, unless you request it:

16 Personalities: free personality test. Useful for understanding self and considering good career fits. Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types:

**CC career sheet

Career Exploation_SC

College Planning

There’s a lot that goes into planning your future after high school! Are you interested in traditional college or the trades? Below are links to help you begin your search.

Do you need the SAT/ACT? Register and learn about both in the following links. Plan to take the test in the spring of your junior year first, and then retest in the fall of your senior year, as needed.

SAT & ACT (GC CEEB code: 390059)



Test Prep and Information:

College Search

**college application timeline/checklist

**outline for asking for recommendations (State college has a good one, own pdf?)

PA Trade and Technical Schools

College Planning_SC

Financial Aid

PHEAA Pennsylvania Higher Education Aid Association:

  • Tons of financial aid information and step-by-step directions for the FAFSA and more


FAFSA Support and Financial Aid Information:

FinAid – comprehensive and informative about all things financial aid

Making Sense of Financial Aid Award Letters:

Use this Calculator to estimate the net cost of different schools:


Scholarships can come from many places! The more you apply for, the better chance you have. Below are several national level scholarship sites to check out.





Don’t miss out on local scholarships as well! You have a much greater chance of securing local scholarship money because you are competing with fewer applicants. Many companies (Sheetz is one!) have scholarships available for students of employees. Ask parents to find out if their employer offers any financial aid benefits.

Also, consider looking at any volunteer organization you – or parents – support. Professional and social organizations, like the Lions Club, often offer financial support. Or, organizations that represent what you are planning to study in the future. If your parents belong to a union, check for financial support. Your church, and the local chamber of commerce, would also be great places to look.

Avoiding Scholarship Scams

Financial Aid_SC

Parent Info

Shape the Sky:

  • An outstanding resource to help parents and professionals understand the digital world our students experience. We are working to create safer, more responsible users. Get on the mailing list for technology and app updates. Free, downloadable technology contract ( – and why you need to have one with your student.

Common Sense Media:

  • Another great resource for trustworthy information and education on social media and many other topics


  • A leading non-profit organization supports children struggling with behavioral or mental health and learning struggles: symptom checkers, short articles, and lots of support for parents.

College Board Big Future:

  • Webinars and support for parents on college planning

PHEAA Pennsylvania Higher Education Aid Association:

  • Tons of financial aid information and step-by-step directions for the FAFSA and more

Counselor Clique:

  • Here are some amazing resources (webinars, checklists, etc...............…) for parents to help make sense of the transition to college. Work with a high school counselor to help make your student’s transition easier!

Higher and Hire:

  • another great resource from a high school counselor colleague. Look under ‘resources’ for free support!

**pdf from CC – questions parents can ask about plans**

Reference Websites:

State College

Lebanon HS

Lebanon HS list:

Altoona – counselor newsletter

Paren Info_SC
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