Below you will find a list of teachers and a "schedule" link beside their name. On the form, you'll be asked to fill out information and select a time that works best for you. There is also a comments section so that you may give the teacher a head's up on what it is you might want to specifically discuss. 


It is a first come/first serve on the form. If a time slot is not available, it's because it was already taken by someone else. They are scheduled for 15 minute sections of time. Please respect that. You do have the option to schedule two back-to-back time slots with an individual teacher, but you'll have to submit the form twice. Please do not sign up for more than two back-to-back time slots with any one teacher. 


If you submitted the form(s) and later find out that the time is not going to work or you need to cancel, please contact Ms. McConnell so that the specific time can be put back onto the form. After you submit the form, you should receive a confirmation email with details on what you selected. 


Mrs. Collins

Ms. Bloom

Mrs. Kennedy

Mr. Mauk

Mr. Ross

Mrs. Ruhl

Mrs. Hood

Ms. Zimmerman

Ms. McConnell

Mrs. Cover

Mrs. Tinker

Mrs. Edson

Mrs. Riley

Mr. Garber

Mr. Yohn

Mr. Hildebrand

Mr. Winquist