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October 8th, 2021


Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Friday, October 8th, from 12:30pm - 6:30pm. Please sign up for a twenty (20) minute time slot with your child's teacher. Select your child(ren)'s teacher and fill out the necessary information. Once a time is selected, it will be automatically removed from that teacher's schedule. We ask that you honor the time you selected and if you cannot, please notify Ms. McConnell or the office immediately so we can release that time slot back to the other parents. On the night of the conferences, please adhere to the times you selected, even if you finish with a teacher earlier.  

Sign ups are available online until 9:00am on October 8th. Remember, as always, you don't have to wait until Parent/Teacher conferences to schedule a time to meet with your child's teacher. If anything arises throughout the year and you want to meet with them, just send them an email and set up a time after school.


Mrs. Sandell

Third Grade
Mrs. Edson

Mrs. Kennedy

Mr. Mauk

Mr. Ross

Mr. Head

Mr. Kurty

Mr. Long

First Grade
Mrs. Mauk

Fourth/Fifth Grade
Mrs. Riley

Ms. McConnell

Mrs. Cover

Mrs. Tinker

Mrs. Campbell

Mr. Stuart

Second Grade
Ms. Duman

Fourth/Fifth Grade
Mrs. Waltz

Mrs. Head

Mr. Hildebrand

Mr. Winquist

Ms. McConnell

Mrs. Hildebrand

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