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Congratulations to our GCS Track and Field Team for their outstanding accomplishments in the 2023 ACAA Track and Field competition at Warrior Run High School. A special shout out to Sophia Fleck, who won the Junior High Girls' Shot put event and set a new ACAA record! We are so proud of all our GCS Track and Field athletes!





Jr. High Girls Shot Put

1st place: Sophia Fleck

NEW ACAA RECORD (last set in 1994)


Jr. High Boys 100/110m Hurdles

1st place: Van Nachtman


Jr. High Boys Long Jump

2nd place: Alex Guise


Jr. High Boys Triple Jump

2nd place: Alex Guise


High School Girls Long Jump

2nd place: Mila Palazzi


High School Girls Triple Jump

2nd place: Mila Palazzi


HS Girls 4 x 100m Relay

2nd place: Mila Palazzi, Gabi Lawson, Kira Suhoney, Michelle McConnell


Jr. High Boys Shot Put

3rd place: Marco Palazzi


High School Girls High Jump

3rd place: Gabi Lawson


HS Boys 100/110m Hurdles

3rd place: Charlie Lohsl


Jr. High Boys 1600m

3rd place: Van Nachtman


HS Boys 1600m:

4th place: Landyn Summers


Jr. High Girls 4 x 100m Relay

4th place: Kayelynn Summers, Aly Miller, Sophia Fleck, Grace DiBiase


Jr. High Boys 4 x 100m Relay

4th place: Alex Guise, Noah Lawson, Van Nachtman, Wesley Hicks


Jr. High Girls 400m

4th place: Aly Miller


Jr. High Boys 400m

4th place: Noah Lawson


HS Girls 100m

5th place: Michelle McConnell


Jr High Girls Discus:

5th place: Kayelynn Summers


HS Girls 200m

6th place: Kayelynn Summers


Jr. High Girls 100m

6th place: Sophia Fleck


Jr. High Boys 1600m

6th place: Wesley Hicks

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