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What to Expect at the Open House

Touring the Facility

First things first, you’ll be given a tour of our facility. You’ll get to see where your child(ren) will be having class, check out the cafeteria, peek into the art room, step into the library, and preview the computer lab. We’ll do our best to give you a comprehensive tour of our facility, but it will also be tailored to the age level of your child(ren). Since you’ll be given a tour of our facility, you should expect to do a little bit of walking. If you know anything about our school, we have four flights of stairs and no elevators! We do our best to talk as much as we can between each flight so that you’ll (and our tour guides!) be able to catch your breath!


You can expect to be inundated with a lot of information! You’ll get the updated information on tuition and how to apply for scholarships. You’ll receive school calendars and other pertinent academic information for your child. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive information on how you can get involved. Here at GCS, we understand that we are educating the children, but we covet the partnerships with their families as well! We highly encourage all family members to get involved with some aspect of Great Commission Schools. Do you pray and like to pray for others? We have a spot for you! Do you like sports? Don’t be a bench warmer! We have a position for you! Are you dramatic and like the fine arts? We have a role for you! Concerned about the academic welfare of the younger generations? We have a desk for you! Want to be involved in student and social life. There is a place for you! There will be a Parent-Teacher fellowship table in which you can receive more information on how to get involved.

Meet the teachers

Curious as to who your teacher(s) will be for your child? The Open House is the perfect time to meet the faculty and staff of Great Commission Schools. All of our teachers are friendly and unique and would love to talk to you about what makes GCS different than any other school. You can come and ask Mr. Hildebrand about anything regarding Star Wars or the Penguins. Are you interested in computers and robotics? Mr. Garber would love to converse with you! History buff? Mr. Yohn is the man for you! He’s a walking encyclopedia. Come to meet our teachers!

Engage in Activities

Coming to our Open House means that you’ll be exposed to what goes on inside of the classroom. Many of the teachers are preparing to have an activity or information readily available so that you can engage in the classroom as your child(ren) might. What’s even better is our fine arts department will be in the throngs of rehearsing for our upcoming play, Peter Pan. During the open house, you’ll be able to get a sneak preview of the show (April 5-6th at the Mishler at 7:00pm).

We can’t wait to see you!

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