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Yesterday was a Good Day!

GCS Family;

Yesterday was a good day.

When I finally got home after a long day, I took a moment to reflect back on the day before I had to start planning for today and it made my heart happy and put a smile on my face. What a blessing it is to be serving your child(ren) and to have the hallways of GCS full once again. It was also very nice to see a sea of new faces and it brings on a new challenge: learning their names and faces even behind their masks! Hopefully when your child(ren) got home, they also were saying that it was a good day!

I want to thank you for entrusting your students to us here at GCS and partnering with this ministry. I know that we educate students and that is one of our main focuses, but I always refer to GCS as a ministry because it is 7 or more hours a day that we get to model the love that Jesus has for us and to preach the Gospel in everything that we do.

Here at GCS, our vision is to see students serving God and others. It is a blessing and an honor to be serving your child(ren) and your family.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you are in need of anything or need help figuring out RenWeb or FACTS or anything else!

In Christ,

Ms. McConnell

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